Five questions for working dads

Questions to ponder from an article in today’s Times:

1) ” … male employment is increasingly fragile …”

How do you prepare for remaining employable long into your 50s, 60s, 70s?

2) “The change to two-earning couples managing and juggling even the youngest children has come round so fast that other things haven’t caught up.”

How has your organisation responded to this? Do 50s type attitudes to work and fatherhood remain?

3) “We all have a cultural narrative about what feels “normal”, ingested from our parents and their generation”

Where do your beliefs about the role of work come from?

4) “In many men, though, the sense is still hard-wired that they should always be the main or only earner. It can be remarkably hard for them to accept not only financial partnership but sometimes periods of depending on a higher-earning wife. Or relocating for her job.”

What role-model do you want to be for your children? And what attitudes towards work-parenting do you want them to have?

The change is huge, irreversible and in many ways benign. But society and psychology have struggled to catch up

5) “… in reality many employers regard parental responsibility as an irritating foible exclusive to females.”

What can you as a leader do to change this?