A Need to Get Active – Edward’s story

Edward, 38, sports nut, is a corporate lawyer at a top global firm with two boys, eight and ten. His children see him watch and read about his favourite sports but they don’t see him play them. In our coaching session he told me he had always enjoyed sport and wanted his children also to be active. Yet his words did not result in action.

As we grow older it’s a sad fact that busyness often prevents us from incorporating more physical activity into our daily lives despite knowing that a long and healthy life depends on it.

As a coach working with senior executives I’ve noticed how they use the same words. They say ‘more’, and ‘better’ – nothing they achieve at work is ever enough. The result is that they end up with little or no time for physical activity.

One strategy that worked for Edward was to take three 15-minute walks a week with his children. This was an easy way to incorporate more physical activity into the day – for himself and for the whole family. It also provided a welcome respite from all distractions and was easy to implement: all Edward had to do was agree a time and open the front door.

Another client told me recently that when the body moves, the mind stills and when the body is stationary, the mind chatters. Great thinkers have often commented on the benefits of periods away from busyness in order to make time to be innovative.

So if you want to take action here is a three-step process you can try now:

  1. Agree a time when you are both free
  2. Start small with one 15-minute walk a week
  3. Leave or hide any devices that might tempt you

Please share your own experiences in the comments. I’d love to hear how you get on.