Old and tired before his time – Amit’s story

Amit used to wake up several times each night to check and respond to emails. He read over 300 client emails every day because he wanted to keep tabs on his 200 reports.

He’s the COO for a global educational institution that has doubled in size in two years. He is a highly capable man with several degrees and professional qualifications and is familiar with conventional theories about how to reduce wasteful busyness and increase productivity. Yet it was only when his eight-year-old daughter told him how tired he looked and how much she wanted him to turn up to her weekly swimming lesson that he tapped into a source of energy enabling change.

During our work together Amit realised that his need to maintain control was damaging his health, compromising his home life and frustrating his reports. His doctor had told him that he was close to irrevocably damaging his health and that he had the biological age of a 50-year-old despite being only 35.

Working together we cut out all email checking after 6.00pm and ran a session with all the reports resulting in a new way of working that freed up Amit’s time to focus on his three strategic priorities. He also implemented a sleep strategy to ensure he had enough energy the following day to make key decisions. (It’s easy to underestimate the mental energy wasted when trying to make important decisions when you’re tired.)

Six months after our sessions Amit went back to his doctor. His biological age is now 40.

And he had not missed one of his daughter’s swimming lessons.