How to make the summer solstice tomorrow your shortest day

Please read on if you always say you’re too busy but you want to find ways to do something you enjoy each day with your under-11-year-old 

Next Wednesday 21 June is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. So as a leader managing lots of people and with children under the age of 11, what could you do to make it your shortest working day?

Here are some suggestions my clients have successfully implemented, plus some other ideas you could try next Wednesday:

·     Make it a ‘no meetings’ day

·     Give a prize to the person who sends the least number of emails

·     Cull a project

·     Turn off all technology when you get home until you go to bed

·     Take the family out for an evening picnic

·     Write the shortest possible to-do list and feel the satisfaction of completing all your important tasks

·     Listen to a real ‘tweet’ – birdsong – rather than send one

·     Face.Book: read a story outside to your children

·     Get up at sunrise and spend the first hour of the day on your most important project

The ‘Working Harder, Faster, Longer’ mantra results in each day becoming very much like every other day. Research may tell us we have more free time than ever, but you may find that, like may other people, you’re coming home tired, distracted and stressed with little or no energy for your children. Day after day.

The long and short of it is that unless you take action to reduce wasteful busyness you won’t perform at work or contribute at home.

So get set to rise earlier next Wednesday and make it a day to focus on what counts