S2E3 – What if dad worked less?

Episode Notes

Time to remove the third hour from next week. Each hour saved can be reused more productively – for learning and development, say.

Time poor working dads need easy ways to reduce the pressure to work longer and harder and faster than ever. That is why reducing the working week by an hour each week works: it forces us to think about our contribution and impact but not based on the number of hours worked. We also realise that things won’t collapse if we do this. Like a JENGA tower, taking out a few wooden blocks carefully does not mean that the tower collapses. In fact, the ten wooden blocks create a new tower: focussed development to enable you to better future-proof yourself. Imagine ten hours a week to dedicate to your own learning.

Change is about small, weekly actions that over 10-weeks will reduce number of hours worked. Even better, you will be investing in the best asset you can – you!