S4E1 – Summertime and the living is hard

Episode Notes

How to reduce hours worked this summer
This is the focus for the rest of the summer. There is an opportunity this summer to run an experiment: what happens if I cut out unnecessary noise? Noise is the sea of busyness that surrounds us. Noise is those wasted hours. 
We need our own island of sanity. On this island we can achieve better results. We can shut the world out. 
I’m running workshops for working dads throughout the summer. Enabling you to work fewer hours is the first objective of the one-hour workshop. 
Please let me know if you want to attend or if you know of a working dad juggling work and childcare who you know might benefit. 
Let’s return to the Mindset Matrix. One of the emotions and thoughts that enables us to be in the top-right box, Stoke, is _I am most content and focused when I settle my mind and prioritise time to think, reflect. _The action then is one hour a week away from the noise to think on my own island. You can use the three-step process I mentioned recently 
See this as an experiment not a solution. This is part of one of the two capabilities that enable you to navigate the Mindset Matrix: awareness leading to action. 
I would recommend finding a quiet place you can do this. Next week I will come back to thisNotes go here

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