S4E2 – Summertime and the living is hard

Episode Notes

Summertime and the living is hard
Welcome to episode two. 
Close email. Turn off your phone. Take out a notepad and pencil. Write down one capability you most want to improve this summer. 
Deloitte like many others tell us that upskilling is the only way to future-proof ourselves. Agreed. But where is the time? There are inboxes to clear. Life to live. Kids to play with. Family to see. Bodies to keep fit. Minds that need meditating. 
My tip: forget skills for now. Think capabilities. They last. They are the soil in which new skills grow. I suggest you pick a capability you think is most worth building and then learn all you can about it. Read. Ask others. Find opportunities to practice. Take a look at the Deloitte report by all means for some suggestions. Then pick one. Tell me how you get on. It will feel good to spend a little time thinking about this and even better when you do something. Please let me know what happens ….
It does not matter how old you are or how little time you have … investing in you is the best step and it sends a message to your children that you are far from done with learning in fact you are just beginning a new adventure 

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